The world is going green…

However, there are still a huge number of small medical establishments that still rely heavily on paper-based documentation. Because of the world’s push to go GREEN, electronic-based documentation is permeating the industry today like never before, driving these small medical facilities to convert paper documentation into digital files.


A floodgate of opportunities are opening for home-based medical transcriptionists, because most of these medical facilities outsource these transcription tasks due to their limited on-site staff. Our at home business system is designed to help home-based medical transcriptionists run a highly profitable, low-cost home based business.

The System

We’ve laid out a well detailed plan that gives you an inner-scoop of the industry. Our training takes you as close to the core-operations of a typical medical transcription outfit as you would get by working in a hospital. After undergoing our training successfully, we’ll provide you with a widely recognized certification, and then help you obtain your license.

To help you scale up your business as quickly as possible, we’ll help you recruit and train additional hands that you may need to run the business. We’ll also help you roll out time-tested marketing strategies for expansion.

As a bonus you will learn how to train people to become a medical transcriptionist even further opening the pool of possible contractors for your business.


Ready to select your system? Click below to get started!

Ready to select your system? Click below to get started!